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 last revised January 2017

          The following is important for everyone in your family to be aware of and understand. You will find guidelines to follow as well as the benefits of being a Chipmunk, (having a long term site). Whereas living here is not allowed, having a long term site means you are can enjoy your RV year round for every weekend and for your two weeks vacation.You may enjoy free Tennis, Pickle Ball, and Swimming. Golf Range and Mini Golf for a fee, Church Service, as well as Planned Activities from April to November.


  1. Do not rake the forest or enlarge your site. Please rake leaves only off your site stone. Do not remove leaves form the forest as they are natures' way of holding moisture and preventing erosion. Do not keep clearing the words of small vegetation/trees. These are suppose to give you privacy between your site and the ones around you. Please DO NOT put artificial flowers on your site or outline you sites with rocks, etc. Live plants/flowers should be planted in the ground and not in flower pots.
  2. We take pride in the apprearance of the campground so we ask that when you first arrive on the site, please note the condition of the site and continue to maintain the site in the same way. Keep your site neat... free from fences, refrigerators and trash cans on the outside, statues, wagon wheels, plastic flower pots, clothes lines, lamp post, spool tables, gardens, sheds or utility vehicles (they must be stored in storage), antennas mounted other than on vehicles, old kitchen chairs or similar articles that you no longer want to keep around your home, and any accumulation other than (6) six lawn chairs. Keep doo dads to what you can take inside your RV when you leave at the end of each visit. No bricks around fire ring. Tiki torches and lanterns must be attended at all times and extinguished before retiring for the night. Keep weeds out of the gravel that is on your site.
  3. The space under your RV is not to be used for storage of any kind.
  4. Please NO SWINGS or GLIDERS. Power equipment limited to personal leaf blower, or weed whacker. No fireworks.
  5. ONLY regular sewer line hoses allowed. NO PVC or hydroflush connections.
  6. Satellite dish must be on your site only.
  7. Maintain the RV look and Nature's Beauty by having on your site no more than one of each of the following: RV, picnic table, transparent screen house, grill, fire ring, and no more than(2) two golf carts that must be in working condition.
  8. Tents (a non- transparent structure) or hammocks are allowed ONLY if set up, used, and taken down on the same weekend.
  9. Use tablecloths on your table when you are camping, but remove them when you leave so that moisture will not build up under the cloth and cause the wood to rot.
  10. Vehicles SHOULD NOT BE STORED ON YOUR SITE WHEN YOU GO HOME. If you are not here, your vehicle should not be here.
  11. Notify the office and have approval before you change sites.
  12. Do not use the additional stone we give you from time to time to enlarge your site. It is meant to maintain the site area of existing stone.Only Merry Meadows employees should deliver stone.
  13. In the event that your site becomes unsightly, You will have 2 weeks from our phone call to clean it up or we will hire an outside company to clean your site/RV, at your expense. We may ask for your site back. Your $100.00 maintenance deposit will not be refunded if we find that your site is not in the same condition as when you first arrived on the site.  
  14. Nails must not be driven in trees. If you notice a dead or rotten tree on your site, please notify the office as we have a professional tree service company that removes them. You do not have the authority to tell our tree company what trees to  remove. Please report any tree damage to your insurance company as Merry Meadows is not liable for tree damage.
  15. Anyone who breaks a water hydrant or pipe due to his or her neglect will be subject to a service fee of $200.00 plus.  Check your hydrant often and notify the office of any concerns. During freezing temperatures remove everything from the water hydrant such as Y's, T's, hoses, etc. and put the hydrant handle down.
  16. In an effort to preserve the forests of Baltimore County, Maryland,. and help stop the nationwide devastation of forests due to imported insects, wood will limited to that which can be burned while you are camping here. Please take all unused wood home with you. Wood piles or storing wood on your long-term site is no longer allowed as of 1/1/10.
  17. We reserve the right to close the park or sections of it due to hazardous or unsafe conditions, such as weather preventing you from having access to your site. In that case or the event that your site does not temporarily have water, electric, sewer, etc., No Rebates or Refunds will be given.
  18. We strive to provide clear cable reception to each site. We do not allow anyone to tamper with the cable equipment on their site. Anyone that alters any of our equipment will be responsible for the cost to return it to its original state and may be asked to leave.


  1. Inform the office when you take your RV off of your site and when you plan to return. The Site fee and electric must be paid up to date.
  2. Do not wash your RV on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday ( if Monday is a holiday). A clean RV appearance is desirable.
  3. RVs are to be set up on adjustable jacks that contact the vehicle and may have wooden or concrete blocks between the jack and the ground. Allow a 2' clearance in front of the electric meter and electric panel
  4. All RVs are to have current license plates (license plates must be visible) and be able to be towed on the highway at any time.
  5. A clear, readable copy of your current registration showing expiration date of policy, must be on file in the office at all times.
  6. The RV must have holding ranks (fresh water, sewage, and gray water). No park models.
  7. NO other LP tanks are allowed except for the tanks that the RV is equipped with.
  8. All campers must carry their own RV insurance, Both Property and Liability Coverage, and provide the office with a current copy of proof of insurance showing beginning and expiration date of the policy.
  9. When you purchase a new RV, the campground owner should be notified what amperage the new RV has in order to accommodate your RV.
  10. Do not assume it is our responsibility to tow your RV off a site if we put it on. Things change over the years your RV may sit on site. You should always have a plan to take care of what belongs to you for the present and future.


  1. Pay your rent a month from the day you take the site. There is a $25.00 late fee for rent paid after the due date. If your site fee is late 2 consecutive months, the late fee will then be$50.00 per month. If we repossess the site, the $50.00 late fee will accrue each month until the account is paid in full. Lack of communication after your account is late indicates to us that you are no longer interested and we will proceed to re- rent your site. If the account is late three times, we may repossess the site.
  2. Please do not make site fee payments on Fridays, as the office is very busy with campers checking in for the weekend.
  3. Pay a security deposit, which is equal to; two months site fee. Please keep in mind that this is only a security deposit and not a site fee payment. Security deposit is refundable only if you keep the RV on the site for at least one year.
  4. We do not send out invoices. It is your responsibility to mail your payments or pay when the office is open..
  5. Your account must be paid in full (cash only) before removing your RV from the campground permanently.You need to give the office 30 days notice before giving up your site. We do not prorate. If you give up your site before or after your anniversary date, you are responsible to pay for the entire month.
  6. We do not refund any money (ex.: Security Deposit, maintenance deposit, etc.) if you are evicted for any reason.


  1. Pay your electric at least once a month when you pay your rent, at $ .24/kw, according to your meter reading ( the fee includes the service fee). Read your meter before paying electric and site fee.
  2. There will be a late fee of $25.00 if your electric goes beyond 200 units without payment.
  3. Before leaving for the winter, please pay your electric up to date. You must disconnect your electric plug from our electric if you do not plan to come in once each month to pay for the electric that you have used. If you choose not to unplug from the electric and you cannot come in each month for whatever reason, please make arrangements to have you meter reading reported to the office each month. You can mail the payment in.
  4. All Chipmunk sites in the campground are metered for electric.
  5. Anyone who burns up an electric box due to his or her neglect will be subject to a service fee of $50.00 plus. Check your electric box and cord connection often. Connection should be flush.


  1. Chipmunks are only allowed to have (2) two golf carts per site that are electric and in working condition.
  2. Drive cars and golf carts at a slow rate of speed. Golf carts are not permitted around our entrance/exit gate.
  3. All golf carts must be insured and registered at the office.
  4. Golf Cart numbers/letters must be 3 inch black on white background placed near front of both sides on the golf cart visible at all times and be exactly like the ones sold in our office. Example: A69
  5. Only Chipmunks over the age of 18 with a driver's license (and are registered on the golf cart registration)are allowed to drive the golf carts. If anyone under the age of 18 drives your golf cart, you will be asked to leave.
  6. Golf Carts are allowed on roadways within the campground and designated parking areas, and must be operated with the flow of traffic.
  7. Lights are necessary for night use and required on front and rear.
  8. A Merry Meadow staff member must inspect carts before it can be driven on the campground. They are also subject to once a year inspection
  9. Every person riding in you golf cart must remain seated while cart is in motion, If your golf cart seats 4, then you can only have 4 people in your golf cart. Drinking alcohol while driving is not permitted. Alcohol is only permitted on your site. Driving while intoxicated is reason for eviction.
  10. Altered golf carts are not allowed.
  11. To avoid golf cart privileges being revoked, please observe our quiet time, 11:00pm to 8:00am. We have had numerous complaints about the noise coming from folks riding in golf carts late at night and early in the morning. Failure to abide by these rules will result in suspension of your golf cart driving privilege.
  12. For your own protection, our insurance company recommends that everyone with a golf cart have at least $1000,000.00 liability insurance coverage.


  1. You must place a deposit of $25.00 on each Gate Card, which is refundable when you leave (if card is not broken or bent).
  2. Two(2) gate cards are allowed if there are two heads of household. If there is only one adult Chipmunk on the site, then he/she would only be allowed (1) one gate card.
  3. Gate Cards may be removed from system if account is past due.
  4. NO NOT let others use your gate card.
  5. DO NOT let other vehicles in the gate. Misuse of your gate cards or gate will result in your immediate eviction.
  6. The gate card computer system registers your presence in the campground.


  1. You may have unlimited guests from November through March unless activities are scheduled (daily visit, not overnight)
  2. From April to November you will be allowed your parents,or grandparents, or 2 at a time of your grandchildren (up to age 18) at no charge.
  3. To avoid embarrassment, please pre-register your guests (even your parents, grandparents and grandchildren)and you or they should pay the visitor fee, which is the same as for weekend campers, and obtain a visitor pass and gate card($20.00 cash deposit).
  4. You are responsible for their behavior. They must follow the rules listed on back of the registration form.
  5. Any visitors should park on your site.
  6. They must display in their car an identification tag/car pass.
  7. You must be somewhere in the park when your guests are here.
  8. Failure to register any guests or visitors will be reason for eviction.
  9. Be sure to remind your guests NOT to bring pets.
  10. Day Guests fee is $10.00, with the option of a $5.00 refund if the guest departs before the office closes on the day of his/her arrival.
  11. Guests who stay overnight are required to pay $10.00 per person, per night. If they register to stay at least two consecutive nights, they pay $5.00 per person, per night.
  12. Holiday weekend fee (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day)- Day Guest= $20.00 per person, with the option of a $10.00 refund if the guest departs before the office closes on the day of his/her arrival. Guests that stay overnight are required to pay $20.00 per person, per night. If they register to stay at least two consecutive nights, they pay $10.00 per person, per night.


  1. Pets are to be kept under control and must be on a leash (6 feet maximum length) at all times.
  2. Pets are not allowed in Rest Rooms, Pool Area, Office, Pavilion, Entertainment Center, Game Room, Driving Range, and Tennis Courts and where "No Pets" is posted.
  3. Pets should only be led by adults who show a visible sign of cleaning up after their pet. Waste must be cleaned off the ground.
  4. No pets are allowed where activities are held.
  5. You must sign a pet agreement form and follow all of the pet rules listed on that form.


  1. Children (including young adults)are only allowed on campground when their Chipmunk parents or grandparents are with them.
  2. No one is allowed in an RV without the owner of the RV on the campground.
  3. Please instruct your children not to play in the roads or run or ride their bicycles through other campsites.


  1. Chipmunk identification card include people listed on the application and must get their picture taken for this card within one month of taking a long term site.
  2. This card should be with you (on your person) while at Merry Meadows.
  3. It gets you into the pool.
  4. Additional or replacement for a lost card will cost $2.00.


         All Chipmunks must have a Chipmunk Identification Car Pass displayed and clearly visible in all of their vehicles at all times while their vehicle is on the campground.


          In as much as it is now expensive to dispose of certain items such as lumber, old grills, refrigerators, screens, tents, boxes, LP tanks, screen houses, etc., please dispose of the other than normal trash, at your residence. Do not dispose of your unwanted items in our dumpsters when you leave permanently or your maintenance deposit will not be refunded


  1. Please read the blue Pool Rules found on the office counter during the pool season as well as the pool rules near the pool. You must abide by all pool rules.
  2. Parents must be with their children 12 years old or younger inside the pool fence.
  3. Chipmunk parents may only watch their children plus a maximum of two other children at any given time.


  1. Once every year on your site anniversary day, you need to come in the office for a folder inspection of up to date records including address, phone numbers, RV and golf cart up to date registrations.
  2. Respect your neighbors: please no loud music or shouting. Please observe the quiet time 11pm- 8am. Loud or disorderly conduct or abusive language will be reason for eviction.
  3. We do not allow hunting on the property. If you see someone hunting here, it is without permission. Please notify the Natural Resources Police at 410-356-7060 (Mon. through Sat.) or 410-260-8888 Sunday. Please note the person's name that you talk to.
  4. Only Chipmunks listed on your application are allowed at the Chipmunk convention.
  5. Inform the office immediately of any changes to your application
  6. Your site fee is based on using your RV overnight every weekend in a year and for a two week vacation. If you want to camp during the week or are working temporarily in the area, ask us about the Monthly Rate.
  7. Disrespect to our staff members is not tolerated and may be subject to eviction.